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Reviewed by Kit Burns

Kat Goldman/Sing Your Song

It’s not just Kat Goldman’s voice – which gravitates between soulful raspiness and mournfully breathy  – that makes a difference on Sing Your Song; it’s how she sings. Like Kate Bush or Jane Siberry, Goldman has perfected the idea of using her vocals as an instrument. On the title track, Goldman’s elevated singing glides away from the sorrow suggested by the piano and violins. There is catharsis in her performance, an urgent need to break away.

Sing Your Song is largely a mellow affair. Aside from the pop sheen of “Stay the Course” and the Gin Blossoms-like Adult Album Alternative of “Damn Town” (sounds nice played back-to-back with “Hey Jealousy”), Goldman is accompanied by acoustic guitars and piano. However, that isn’t to say that this is Easy Listening. Far from it. “I Know Better” and “Baby You Gonna Fall in Love” carry the broken pieces of shattered relationships, at least in Goldman’s teary delivery. I don’t know the stories behind these tracks, if they’re autobiographical or not. Sometimes I’m not even aware of the words, just letting Goldman’s voice sink into the groove and to my soothed ears. Sing Your Song is not really an album that can be easily categorized as Goldman is focused more on setting moods than settling on a certain style.



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