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Reviewed by Kit Burns

Movin’ Melvin Brown/Love on My Mind

There’s no doubt that Movin’ Melvin Brown has love on his mind. His songs either have love in the title (i.e., “My Love,” “She Knows Love,” etc) or are about love. Thankfully, he has a voice – rich with layers of emotional depth – that never lessens in its intensity. Whoever Brown is in love with, she must have him on fire. While much of this record is haunted by classic platters from Otis Redding and Marvin Gaye, there are slight modern comparisons here and there. For example, the guitar-propelled “If I’m Not Living Here” is reminiscent of the Lighthouse Family’s mellow neo-soul pop.

Nevertheless, most of the CD has Brown trying to resurrect the smooth R&B hook lines of the Motown sound. “She Knows Love” captures the kicking Motown drum style almost perfectly, carrying the beat. “Love Can Make You Happy” is another upbeat track in the Motown manner as Brown explodes with deliriously infatuated energy. But the cut you’ll probably end up repeating the most is the sentimental “My Summer Love,” wherein Brown sizzles in the romantic heat of a past love affair.  



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